NOC is committed to conducting its business and operations in a manner which complies with the applicable regulations and the recognized international standards, and adheres to the fundamental principles of safeguarding the health and safety of the personnel, respecting the environment and listening to stakeholders.

  • All employees, leaders and third parties involved in NOC’s operations hold ‘HSE’ as a core value, and demonstrate a responsible and constructive ‘HSE’ attitude, professionalism and exemplarity. This behaviour is supported by a comprehensive awareness and training plan.
  • NOC ‘HSE’ management system is based on a continuous learning and improvement process. ‘HSE’ performance is monitored with objectives and key indicators as well as the implementation of a specific audit program.
  • Processes are set up to ensure that risks to personnel, environment and assets are systematically identified, assessed and minimized in accordance with the highest standards, whether during the design of the installations or during the planning and execution of the activities.
  • Emergency response plans are put in place and periodically tested in order to minimize adverse impacts of incidents. All incidents are reported, carefully analyzed and learned from.
  • When selecting contractors, NOC gives primary consideration to ‘HSE’ performance and ability to apply similar ‘HSE’ policies.
  • A structured monitoring of the technical integrity of NOC’s assets is implemented and any integrity issue is dealt with promptly.