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These Terms of Service (Terms) are between North Oil Company (referred to as NOC) and the individual, organisation or other entity agreeing to these Terms (referred to as you or your).

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This platform and all information, courses and training contained herein, including but not limited to the HSE Golden Rules training course, have been provided by NOC within the framework of its HSE policy. The information contained herein should serve as supplementary guidance, in addition to, but not in place of, any legal, contractual or other obligations you may have towards NOC. This information is confidential and shall not be duplicated, shared or transmitted in any form. You hereby agree to the processing, retention and disclosure of your data. Please note that identifying information, including your name and certifications completed on this platform, may become visible to NOC partner companies. NOC shall in no event accept any liability arising in whatsoever form from the contents and/or use of this platform.